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Launch of iCONic Tree Trail

News article in the Strathearn Herald

News article in the Strathearn Herald

Catkin Press is helping to promote the work of the iCONic project through a series of articles that create a virtual Tree Trail around Perthshire Big Tree Country. The Tree Trail guides people around sites where rare and threatened trees have been planted in an effort to conserve species from around the globe that are threatened in their native habitats.

This new venture is aimed at raising awareness of Perthshire’s new global role in tree conservation to locals and visitors alike, as iCONic project officer Tom Christian explained:

“We wanted to find a way of communicating our work to people in a way that allows them to explore at their own pace. Working with Catkin Press we developed the idea of a virtual tree trail, guiding people on existing, known routes where the iCONic project has been planting trees since 2008. Through the six articles, we’ll explain our work to readers, incorporating interesting stories about the places, plants and people that are involved”.

The articles, to be published online once a month for the next six months, will include tales about intrepid Victorian and modern-day plant hunters, who scour the globe in search of plants, today’s plant hunters often facing as many challenges and dangers as their Victorian forebears.

Readers will also be introduced to different species of trees, and may be surprised to discover that some familiar ones are at risk of extinction in their homeland, such as the famous Monkey Puzzle from Chile and Argentina, and the Giant Redwood from California.

You can follow the iCONic Tree Trail here.